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Barbrady 25-04-2015- 16:53

Handjobs collection
Kristy Klenot
Tunin' Your Instrument

Kristi Klenot has an ear for music and a set of tits for cock. That's why when this piano tuner comes over and starts tickling the ivories, she immediately tickles his cock with her hands and mams. You see, she is just as passionate about milking dicks as she is about music. Watch as she goes from passive listener to straddling this guy right on the piano bench.


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Barbrady 25-04-2015- 16:55

Elle C.


MPG :: 640x480 | 00:16:36 | 265 Mb

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Barbrady 25-04-2015- 17:05

Dakota Skye & Heather Vahn
Punished Peeper

Dakota Skye and Heather Vahn catch a perving neighbor peeping through their window as they are getting dressed. They forcefully pull him inside and teach him a ballbusting lesson he won't soon forget.


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Barbrady 25-04-2015- 17:15

Isabella Gonzalez
Stroke it Out

Isabella Gonzalez is a naughty teen masseuse who does not like perverted customers. Today she is asked for an extra service and she does not want to disappoint her client. While the perverted man is blindfold she uses her plastic sex toy to fuck his cock, making him think he is actually fucking her teen pussy. The cute masseuse makes this man cum for her but she is never going to let him know the truth. "Did my pussy feel good, you pervert?"


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Barbrady 25-04-2015- 17:25

Lotion Handjob

I see you there. Are you watching me lotion up my body after my shower again? Thats so naughty. Why do you like seeing me do it so much? You must want me to rub it on you too. Well, what are you waiting for, come in here!


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Barbrady 25-04-2015- 17:35

Alexis Venton & Megan Piper
A Jerk for a Ride

I was driving down an old dirt road one afternoon and happened to come across two cute young girls taking a walk. I pulled up to them and asked them if they needed a lift. When they told me they were going about six miles down the road I asked if they had any gas money, they laughed in my face and told me they weren't going to give me money for only six miles. At this point I had nothing to lose so I asked them for a little pussy for the ride, they were shocked and promptly refused. I then down graded my request to a blowjob but it was met with the same response... NO! Then the girls came to an agreement between themselves and offered a handjob for a ride, which I immediately accepted. I picked them up and drove to a location that was less traveled. I pulled over and popped the hatch on my SUV so that I could sit on the back and enjoy the cool afternoon breeze as these two hotties beat my cock off. What a day!


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Barbrady 25-04-2015- 17:45

Mia Moore
Girlfriend Discovers Naked Photos

Mia wants to use the laptop to speak to her friend online. But as soon as they start she finds naked pictures of her boyfriend on the computer. She discovers he has been sending them to women online and calls him in to punish him. She makes him strip naked in front of her friend, humiliating him about his tiny dick as she does so. She then starts wanking his cock while her friend watches on cam. He doesn't want to embarrass himself further by cumming but Mia has other ideas. Her expert hands and filthy mouth tease him to the point of no return and her friend gets a great view of his orgasm!


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Barbrady 25-04-2015- 17:55

Tormenting My Slave with Multiple Ruined Orgasms!

Even though my slave's p1ssed me off today I decide that I've tortured him for it enough and will finally let him cum. As he stands naked before me I lube up my hand and begin jerking his hard cock. I let him know that there will be a surprise ending but refuse to tell him just what it will be. "You're going to cum in my hands and I'm going to have a surprise for you, but not right now," I say as I continue stroking his big dick. His hips thrust back and forth as he fucks my lubricated hand and I play with his balls as he moans softly in pleasure. "Give it to me!" I demand as I finally let him cum. Mere seconds before he begins spraying his warm load I cruelly stop stroking his cock and ruin his orgasm completely. His cum shoots all over the floor as I watch, refusing to touch his cock. He's barely finished cumming when I reveal the big surprise: he's going to cum a second time, whether he likes it or not! Without giving him a break I immediately begin tugging on his tired, sore cock again as he cries out in protest. "I want to see it one more time!" I bark as I jerk his raw, tender dick hard and fast. "No, Mistress, ow!" he screams as I stroke him until he cums a second time. I ruin that orgasm for him as well by playing the same evil trick that I did before: refusing to touch his dick as he cums. Once he's finished, I waste no time jerking his shaft hard and fast once again.


WMV :: 1920x1080 | 00:13:25 | 688 Mb

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Barbrady 25-04-2015- 18:05

Daisy Haze
Daddy Issues

Daisy. Haze. Oh. My. Goodness. This girl is the complete package, and let me tell you what - she gets it. She gets the handjob show, so to speak. She gets the JOE. She gets the daddy talk. She gets what her fans love, and what her fans love is a barely-legal slut who makes a dick erupt... whether it's Stunt Cocks or their very own. Which, by the way, Daisy has the ability to do. In fact, I don't know how our new Stunt Cock held out as long as he did. Daisy receives a terrific blast, as she deserves. Time and time again.


MP4 :: 1920x1080 | 00:18:04 | 1530 Mb

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Barbrady 25-04-2015- 18:15

Alexia Gold
Distracted by Dick

Hot teen Alexia Gold wants to go to the water park to beat the heat but uncle Bob wants nothing of it. he tells her to stop bothering him when Alexia strips her petite body down and proceeds to grip his large cock.


MP4 :: 1280x720 | 00:08:59 | 204 Mb

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Barbrady 26-04-2015- 21:12

Charlee Chase
Big Packages

When horny milf Charlee Chase realizes how cute this delivery guy is she can't miss the chance to make his dick spurt man goo. The busty lady grabs his big-sized dick and jerks him off for good on the couch of her house as she gets her face blasted.


MP4 :: 1280x720 | 00:08:08 | 185 Mb

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Barbrady 27-04-2015- 11:37

Happy Reach Around Handjob

Reaching around - grabbing his cock and massaging his balls! I rub and stroke until cum squirts out, then I happily slurp up his big cumshot!


WMV :: 720x480 | 00:09:43 | 157 Mb

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Barbrady 27-04-2015- 18:33


Happy Valentines Day! As you can see from the pictures, I gave my husband a nice present this year! I snuck down and surprised him wearing nothing but this cute little corset that could barely contain my huge tits! I did a little dance for him, then stroked his big cock until it exploded cum all over the place! GREAT HANDJOB!


WMV :: 1280x720 | 00:13:42 | 295 Mb

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Barbrady 27-04-2015- 18:53

Roemie Thompson
Chelsea Supporter Gets a Well-Deserved Cock Slapping

My girlfriend has no sense of what is important in life. She keeps spending all my hard-earned cash on shoes and other crap when I could be spending it on the important things in life like Chelsea tickets, Chelsea shirts and beer. I tried to show her the error of her ways, but she went mad and started slapping my poor cock around my eyes were streaming as she dealt out a harsh handjob and as she started to tease me by stripping and showing off her new shoes. I had no idea of what was to come.


WMV :: 1280x720 | 00:18:16 | 412 Mb

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Barbrady 27-04-2015- 19:55

Roxxxy Rush

Not only did Roxxxy wanna stroke his meat, but she wanted to slide it in between her big titties too! As she pumped his erection she rubbed it along her hot boobs and nipples! She continued to squeeze n' stroke him with a firm grip and then when he was getting close to the edge, she let him spray it all over her sexy titties! After he was done blowing his load, she wiped up the jizz with her finger and brought it to her mouth to taste his semen.


WMV :: 640x480 | 00:09:47 | 85 Mb

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