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feron_iron 17-11-2013- 10:53

Femdom, Strapon, FootJobs, Masturbation instructions e.t.c.
Title: Princess Riley Cum Countdown

Duration: 00:08:14
File size: 213 Mb
Format: wmv

Princess Riley is only going to give you a few minutes to cum today, can you "pop" on her command? She teases you with a slow strip, revealing more and more of her sexy tight toned body with each article of clothing she takes off. She brings you closer and closer to the edge of orgasm, building your desire more and more by the second. She pulls her panties in-between her pussy lip, Riley is the ultimate cock tease. She instructs you to jerk harder and faster so that your cock is trained to cum on her command!

Featuring: Riley Reid
Categories: Masturbation Instruction, Femdom POV


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 10:55

Title: Stepdads Summer Job

Duration: 00:08:20
File size: 304 Mb
Format: wmv

Brianna spoils her daughter Violet and she gets anything she wants. But, stepdad wants Violet to get a job for the summer. Violet knows that stepdad fears her mother so when he comes to her and tells her that he is taking her job hunting. The tables turn quickly. He is humiliated as he licks her feet and promises to take her shopping for whatever she wants.


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 11:04

Title: Princess Pussy Smother

Duration: 00:09:01
File size: 261 Mb
Format: wmv

Riley flaunts her amazing body in tight skimpy revealing clothing, her perfect ass cheeks spill out the bottoms of her tight booty shorts. Her outfit is perfect seduce her book keeper into free work. The smell of her pussy his intoxicating, she grinds it over his mouth completely making him hers. Riley straddles his face and makes him run his tongue along her cameltoe peeking through her shorts. She teases him more and more working herself up in the process as well. Her pussy is wet and horny from all the teasing.. she easily grinds one out on his face. When she is done sexually dominating & using her new pet, she informs him of his new job duties in service to her.

Featuring: Riley Reid
Categories: Face Sitting


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 11:57

Title: How Tiffany Used Your Weakness for Her Panties to Destroy You

Duration: 00:09:15
File size: 318 Mb
Format: wmv

"Remember my silky pink panties? The ones I used to get you fired from your job and divorced from my mom, when I was a college freshman? Hmm, step-daddy? I bet you're still a weakling for Tiffani's cute panties. Aren't you, dumb-dumb. I bet I could make you fill my panties with your yicky DNA all over again..."

dominant step-daughter, panty weakness, incrimination, panty-jerk tease game...


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 12:08

Title: Nov 15, 2013 - Mickey Mod and Chanel Preston

Duration: 00:42:57
File size: 964 Mb
Format: wmv

A game of poker devolves into a night of hot foot sex when Chanel Preston ups the ante with an incredible jackpot of foot sniffing, arch licking, toe sucking, pussy eating, hard core fucking and cum covered toes.


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 15:01

Title: You Are Amazon Becky's Laughable Little Shopping Slave

Duration: 00:08:32
File size: 293 Mb
Format: mp4

"When I took charge of your puny little prick and turned you into my stiletto shopping slave, I told you that you would get NOTHING in return except BELITTLED by me. Look how I tower over you, you little runt. Take out your teensy pecker and BEG to make a piddle for your Amazon Goddess..."

amazon goddess, size fetish, sugardaddy emasculation, SPH, cum commands...


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 15:42

Title: It's a Woman's World Now

Duration: 00:08:51
File size: 329 Mb
Format: mp4

As the afternoon visit between Mistress Kandy and Mistress Tora, Mistress Kandy demonstrates her dominance and ownership of junior. She has him worshiping her boots and then teases him by removing her panties and pushing them into his nose. First he must sniff her pussy region of the panties… then he must sniff the asshole region. She laughs because junior has a raging hard on but that might never get any action unless junior can display just how well trained and submissive he really is. Kandy wants to show Tora her complete ownership of junior.

Now it's time for some serious ass licking. Kandy wants her ass licked with feverish passion, like a hungry cat lapping at a bowl of milk. She makes junior remove his panties and orders him stroke his cock right to the edge of cumming. She makes him lick her ass for a very long time as Kandy and Tora discuss how much the world has changed and how it truly is a Woman's world now. They literally own men and the men have never been happier.

Mistress: Mistress Kandy


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 16:05

Title: The Prison Yard

Duration: 00:15:46
File size: 114 Mb
Format: wmv

Featuring: Domina Darla & Mistress Sidonia

Two female guards exercise their prisoner in the drill yard. They taunt him and make him drink from a dog bowl before attaching weights to his nipples to make his marching even more difficult. The prisoner's must then do a series of press-ups, still with the weights attached to his nipples each time kissing the shoes and boots of his two guards. Sweaty after his exercise, his two tormenters tie him to a tree and further amuse themselves by hosing down their victim with ice cold water.


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 18:08

Title: She Always Wins

Duration: 00:08:01
File size: 294 Mb
Format: mp4

Mistress T may not be a large heavy woman, but she certainly knows how to work her ponies to total exhaustion and collapse. She leaps on gaspman's back and does a bunch of leaps in a row, slamming his back with full weight. The slapping sound as she hits his back full force with her bottom is terrific and almost brings him down each time. Then it's time for riding. She rides him on all-fours the whole time. She makes him obey all her commands and she wears him out with her constant orders to do very strenuous exercises as she switches between neck riding and riding on his back. He is sweating and panting as she abusively rides him until he has nothing left and collapses. She loves having another victory over her pony. She stands on him and proclaims victory. She always wins.

Mistress: Mistress T


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 18:58

Title: Insurance Premium

Duration: 00:06:07
File size: 223 Mb
Format: wmv

Jamie had a very long day and got a call from a client who is in desperate need of home insurance. However, when she got there he claimed he didn’t have any money to make a deposit on a policy. She is not happy that he wasted her time. She was tired and her feet hurt. This clearly isn’t a sale for he so she is going to at least get a foot massage out of him. He is very apologetic and agrees. The next thing he knows, he is on the floor under her feet.


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 19:01

Title: Revenge on mom with my step daddy

Duration: 00:07:19
File size: 162 Mb
Format: mp4

It is time for another chat with your stepdaughter and this is not going to be pretty. Sophia's husband is fucking your wife! Who is taking care of you while Sophia's husband is fucking her mom?? Sophia thinks that you both deserve better and she really wants to help in any way that she can. She eases down her dress and removes her bra. She then relaxes on the bed and begins to stroke her pussy. You are asked to take out your cock and start working it. Is all that dick for your little girl Sophia? Stroke that cock for your girl, daddy. You could never have imagined that Sophia was such a dirty slut, but you feel that you are benefitting, so you keep your mouth shut. It is clear that you like what you see, so Sophia lets you see even more. "Don't stop, daddy," she pleads. Stopping is the last thing on your mind. She works her pussy and spreads her pink lips nice and wide for you. Your nasty stepdaughter can see you are ready to cum and she encourages you to explode your big daddy load all over her hairless pussy.


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 23:17

Title: Cruel Treatment

Duration: 00:26:55
File size: 221 Mb
Format: mp4

Featuring: Madame de la Cruel

Her slave is chained to the wall for CBT & NT. Next he is put under her special worship throne and set to work on the soles and heels of her boots.


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 23:37

Title: Cheating Cock

Duration: 00:25:22
File size: 325 Mb
Format: mp4

Featuring Miss Mara Mayhem, Mistress Heather

Only a very foolish man would cheat on Mistress Heather or Miss Mara, but to cheat on both beggars belief! This cheating cock gets exactly what he deserves - he gets destroyed. His balls take the brunt of their fury beneath a hail of kicks, punches and knee strikes.
Parts: 4
Total Duration: 25 minutes 21 seconds
Photos: 13
Tags: 2 dommes, ball busting, masturbation, rubber, spitting


feron_iron 17-11-2013- 23:43

Title: Ass To Mouth Humiliation

Duration: 00:11:07
File size: 314 Mb
Format: mp4

CATEGORY: Humiliation Degradation

STRAP-ON with his head in the TOILET (featuring lots of authentically dirty toilet rim/bowl licking) ... humiliating, right? ... then he sucks his own ass juices off the strap-on (ass-to-mouth)...then I make him jerk off onto the strap-on and suck his own cum & ass juice off of the strap-on. Humiliating enough for you pervert?! (For the guy who wanted to see a strap-on scene with me wearing those hot leather


feron_iron 18-11-2013- 12:53

Title: He loves the DICK

Duration: 00:12:11
File size: 354 Mb
Format: mp4

Mistress Skin has trained her slave to enjoy the feeling of deep penetration from her strap-on cock. She fingers his ass loose so that she may slip her long, thick, strap-on cock inside. She fucks his ass doggy-style, she inches deeper with every thrust. When the slave whimpers she slaps his ass with her crop ordering him to accept her cock deeper.

Featuring: Skin Diamond
Categories: Strap-on , Whipping


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