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Queenmargot33 07-04-2013- 21:28

xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Cayenne - I got together with one of my assistants to carry out this casting, I was extremely busy this day so it was also a great opportunity to see what these girls would get up to in the casting. Cayenne is a little blonde sweet heart who wants to be a model. She was keen to try new things and was ready to do almost anything to get modelling work. It was so hot to see the girls licking each other out on the couch, it was a real treat. After they'd pleasured themselves I turned up to see for myself what this young hot beauty could do. She was amazing and sucked my cock until it was a rocket. I pounded her from behind until she was moaning with ecstasy before spunking my juice all over her perfectly formed ass. Cayenne you're a star.

File Name : 0704-CS_Ca-ne.wmv
File Size : 1998.33 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:45:08



Queenmargot33 08-04-2013- 08:38

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Karol - Karol is an seriously cute blonde who needs money fast. That's why she came to me looking for work and a way to make some bucks. Unfortunately she didn't speak much English so I had to get one of my assistants to help with translating my bullshit to her. She was very friendly and didn't have an issue with taking her clothes off in front of me. Her body was making me horny and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on her. After the photos I approached her and we started to get it on. After I pounded her long enough I went in for the creampie. It was a pleasure to see my cum dripping out of her shaved pussy!

File Name : 0804-CS_Ka-ol.wmv
File Size : 921.73 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:32:45



Queenmargot33 08-04-2013- 14:11

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

19 yo Claudine Atkings Receives Casting Call - Watch this short haired brunette finger her asshole during her live interview.

File Name : 0804-CS_ClaAt.wmv
File Size : 365.39 MB
Resolution : 720x480
Duration : 00:10:20



Queenmargot33 08-04-2013- 17:02

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

20 yo Dominica Gets Cast For Sex Video - View this hot red head Dominica as she gets fucked during her interview.

File Name : 0804-CS_DomGet.wmv
File Size : 372.73 MB
Resolution : 720x480
Duration : 00:09:37



Queenmargot33 08-04-2013- 21:09

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Katerina 24 years. She's tall, slim and busty as a model should be. So what's so exceptional about her? Well, maybe the fact she's, even though she's married, a bisexual and she loves making out with girls. She says she had sex with more women than men. And the best part is that time to time she invites a friend to her place and shares her with her husband. Guys, isn't this the wife of your dreams??

File Name : 0804-CS_Ka24.wmv
File Size : 618.45 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:27:14



Queenmargot33 08-04-2013- 22:22

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Katka - This is exactly why we started this website. We just wanted to boat how wonderful Czech girls are and here you go, another example!!! Katka is a young student who happens to be a goddess... She's pleasant, nice to talk to and not very shy. And when she takes her clothes off, she lets you lay your eyes on a piece of perfection and that is her body. Tanned skin, perky but round boobs and ass I'd like to carve into marble and put in my living room. Guys, if you don't watch this, you will miss so much...

File Name : 0804-CS_Kat.wmv
File Size : 273.69 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:12:03



Queenmargot33 09-04-2013- 09:18

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Anastasia (37mins) Positive: Big natural boobs, nice smile, blonde, happy personality, took it up the poop hole. Negatives: No english, problem pussy. Smiles too much. I liked this girl but when I went close between her legs I think she'd just let somebody jizz inside her before she came for my casting. Since I didn't want to eat another man's cum out of her pussy I focused a little more on her chocolate starfish. Yes, I am a filthy man. I had a little problem afterwards which I won't talk about here. I'm also fucking paranoid now because I got emails from someone else writing in English asking about work for her, I am guessing this is the brewer of the spunk-load which was shot inside her before she arrived at my door wanting a job in porn. I am moving out of this office, I saw somebody taking pictures of my rental car yesterday, WTF!

File Name : 0804-CS_An.wmv
File Size : 945.96 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:37:26



Queenmargot33 09-04-2013- 16:08

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Natalie - Natalie is a jaw dropping blonde who has found her way onto my casting couch. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world when she walked in through the doors. The only problem with Natalie was that she didn't speak much English so I had to use one of my angels to translate for me. Natalie wanted to work doing photo modelling but I had other plans for this cute blonde. After a while of chatting about money travelling and photo shoots Natalie was more than interested in what I was offering her. She had no problem showing me her assets and getting her ample boobs out. Just the thought of getting my cock up inside her young tight pussy was almost making me cum in my pants. When I got up close and personal with her pussy it was amazing, beautifully shaved and just waiting for a nice bendy cock to penetrate it. I pounded away to my hearts content and seeing that she had such a beautiful face I just knew I had to spray my jizz all over it. What a glorious day this turned out to be!

File Name : 0904_CS-NAT.wmv
File Size : 1193.98 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:52:21



Queenmargot33 10-04-2013- 15:02

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Donna Marie Gets Cast For Porn Scene - Blonde babe with great tits gives amazing blowjob during live audition.

File Name : 1004_CS-DonMarGet.wmv
File Size : 254.6 MB
Resolution : 720x480
Duration : 00:09:15



Queenmargot33 10-04-2013- 23:21

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Hazel - 19 year old color guard Hazel makes her school proud today. Does color guard mean "not athletic enough to be a cheerleader"? Hazel is a curvy girl with a nice big ass, a good attitude, licks up my cum without being asked to, takes anal, and lets me finish her off with a creampie. Was really looking forward to this one as you can tell from my enthusiasm in pounding this college girl into submission. I wasn't disappointed. Hazel on the other hand may be in for bit of letdown when those $1000-$5000 jobs don't materialize.

File Name : 1104_CS-Hz.wmv
File Size : 524.97 MB
Resolution : 768x432
Duration : 00:34:57



Queenmargot33 11-04-2013- 20:03

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Bella - Don't feel bad when you blow your load early with 18 year old dental school student Bella. I did too. Twice. First from her unbelievable BJ, I can't stop cumming so I jizz in her hand and have her swallow my load. Then again when I fuck her from behind. Can't pull out fast enough so I shove my cum spewing cock right back in her. And all that's before she agrees to let me fuck her in the ass ("$1000-$5000 per day", folks...). From when her pussy creams up from masturbating with a toy and then shoving it in her ass, all the way to when I unload a third time inside her at the end, I stay hard the entire time with Bella. You'll see why. This bundle of happy energy is just about the sweetest, most enthusiastic cock drencher I've recruited off that sugar daddy site yet. Perfect body, great down-to-earth personality, ability to be herself and orgasm on camera, and willingness to try anal sex for the first time, all topped up by her disarming smile and genuine facial expressions. I could literally write pages about this teen turn-on but I let you see for yourself right now.

File Name : 1104_CS-Bl.wmv
File Size : 633.3 MB
Resolution : 768x432
Duration : 00:44:46



Queenmargot33 12-04-2013- 16:18

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Gabby - Gabby is a very foxy blonde girl who is trying to find herself a better paid job so she can buy the finer things in life. When she walked in she was so nervous I had to try and loosen her up a bit. She told me that she worked in a restaurant and that she wasn't getting paid very well. I told her that I had lots of work for a beautiful girl like her and that if she did what I told her to she could make a fortune. I went on to tell her about Las Vegas and how there was a ton of money to be had over there. She seemed quite interested in the excitement of a new place and new money. After a bit of talking she was coming out of her shell a bit. I know that I was getting turned on by her and couldn't wait to see her naked. In conversation she said she liked to dance so I asked her to show me her moves. Then I ceased the opportunity and asked her to dance in her lingerie. It was a real treat and I started to grind up against her perfect ass. One think led to another and before I knew it my cock was in her mouth. We fucked like animals for a good while and I ended up spunking all over her sweet stomach. Gabby you're amazing!

File Name : 1204-CS_Gab.wmv
File Size : 1024.77 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:43:20



Queenmargot33 13-04-2013- 15:29

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Bella - Bella is a no nonsense kind of girl who knows what she wants and will do anything to get it. She's a very cute blonde with curves in all the right places and is not afraid to show off her assets. Bella was open and she told me that she has already done work in the adult industry. I was a bit surprised when she told me that she had done a scene with seven men. This girl isn't as innocent as she looks. I knew that it might be a little difficult to trick Bella to fuck without any contracts or money up front so I had to bullshit her about work in exotic places. She seemed to believe me and I think she was a little bit horny as well which was awesome for me as I was desperate to get my cock inside her. She sucked my cock like it was going out of fashion and then fucked like it was her last day on earth. I was a bit naughty when I came inside her. I didn't ask her if I could and she was very upset about it. I could see she was distressed so I told her to have a quick shower and I'd get the the pill so there are no surprises down the line. Sorry Bella!

File Name : 1304_cs-B-ll.wmv
File Size : 793.67 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:39:13



Queenmargot33 14-04-2013- 12:21

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Hana - Hana is a really sexy brunette who was working in a bar in the city. I was quite tipsy when I met her because I was out getting pissed up and she caught my eye. I couldn't resist but slip her my business card when I was getting a drink and mentioned to her that I could make her a rich woman if she was willing to take a risk... I thought nothing more about it until a couple of days later my phone rang and to my surprise it was her. I pounced on the opportunity and wasted no time organising an interview. When she arrived she was as sexy as I remembered but her English wasn't amazing so one of my angels helped with the translating. After the usual chit chat bullshit it was game on and she was loving every minute of it. I finished off with a glorious creampie, my favourite.

File Name : 1404_CS-Ha.wmv
File Size : 836.21 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:41:07



Queenmargot33 14-04-2013- 15:27

Re: xVideo Casting - Everyday new beautiful girl!

Tiffany and Anita Part 1 - Tiffany is a real fire cracker. She knows what she wants out of life and is not afraid to tell the world that she's here and means business. She lives in Las Vegas so she's seen a lot of things and has had a lot of experiences living an exciting life. Tiffany was telling me that she loves partying and clubbing and is even making her on music and would like to be a performer one day. When I asked her about why she wants to work in the adult industry and she said it was because she loves sex, and the money comes second... My kind of girl! I enjoyed chatting with Tiffany she is a very interesting girl and I couldn't wait to get her out of her clothes and start feeling her young smooth body. I had a special surprise for Tiffany because I had another girl Anita coming to my office as well. Anita had never done porn before so I though it was a good opportunity to get her some hands on experience. These two were made for each other and they were licking each others pussy like it was going out of fashion. I couldn't resist anymore and joined the party. It didn't take long before I my cock was ready to explode. And that's exactly what I did all over young Anita's ass. I wasn't finished with these girls just yet though....

File Name : 1404-cs_Tif-Ani.wmv
File Size : 1052.33 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:42:07



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