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Katrin1988 18-06-2013- 13:26

Lesbian Sex Lessons With Beautiful Girls

File Info ;)
Duration: 00:45:46
File Size: 592 MB
File Type: Windows Media
Resolution: 640х480


Katrin1988 18-06-2013- 22:18

911 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: Italy's Alis Locanta begins his latest SexArt creation, "The Road Goes On," with a sequence featuring his two stars in a series of public places — a train station, the backseat of a car, and strolling through a bustling city center. Despite the casual, spontaneous nature of this introductory footage, it becomes immediately apparent that there's a strong undercurrent of erotic attraction between these two beautiful women — but even the very public kiss Whitney Conroy and Frida share on a crowded thoroughfare only hints at the depth and breadth of that attraction. Locanta lets his performers set the pace, and once they're alone their playful flirtation blossoms into a powerful and mutual sexual yearning. Set in three distinctly different locations in a sophisticated and elegant home, "The Road Goes On," flows from one orgasmic highlight to the next to create a journey into exquisitely beautiful lesbian erotica and romance. Once you've entered the world of "The Road Goes On" you'll never want it to end.

Duration: 00:32:19
File Size: 1.16 GB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 18-06-2013- 23:31

912 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: Tools of their trade in hand, two hotel chambermaids climb the stairs to a luxury suite — their work day is about to begin. As the maids — played by Mia Knox and Silvie Deluxe — perform their many chores the mood is all business, two women working hard to earn a living. They work separately, autonomously, dusting, cleaning, attending to all the little details expected at a hostelry such as this one. When it comes time to make the bed teamwork is required, however. One holds the duvet while the other tends to the sheets. But when a pillow is repositioned — and reveals a sex toy left behind by the room's occupants — the workaday atmosphere evaporates and the two maids take a spontaneous sex break. Their attraction to one another is obvious and sincere, but they are on the job, after all, so the pace is quick — not a minute wasted. Silvie sets to work on Mia with focus and intensity. First she uses only her fingers and mouth, but once she's primed her partner she puts the dildo to its intended use with high energy and no lack of enthusiasm. After achieving the desired results the tables turn and Mia pours on the passion while servicing her companion. Once they've satisfied their mutual hunger it's back to work — but the powerful pleasures of this "Hot Experience" will linger on and on.

Duration: 00:15:54
File Size: 583 MB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 19-06-2013- 09:39

913 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: Soft light streams into a bedroom, a new day has dawned. A redheaded beauty, still lost in slumber, is gently awakened when her blonde companion joins her on the bed. The mood is familiar, relaxed, but it only takes a moment or two until mutual desire makes itself felt. Hungry lips come together for a kiss as fingers go wandering in search of tender targets. In Andrej Lupin's "Dulce Despertar," Ariel Piper Fawn and Whitney Conroy spend the better part of this beautiful morning making sweet love to each other. The director creates a welcoming sense of intimacy and the viewer is pulled into and immersed in the beauty of the participants and the intoxicating eroticism of the action as it unfolds. Let "Dulce Despertar" transport you to a warm, loving space where passion knows no bounds and pleasure is abundant and all-enveloping. "Dulce Despertar" captures the dawning of a new day with an artist's eye and a poet's sensitivity — awakening is seldom this sweet!

Duration: 00:18:18
File Size: 671 MB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 19-06-2013- 10:49

914 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: Tess B is strolling, alone, through a bustling arcade one evening. A young couple, walking hand-in-hand, approaches. As they pass, Tess makes eye-contact with the striking brunette beauty. Sparks fly. A connection is made. But no words are spoken. The time of opportunity has passed. But wait! Here comes the gorgeous brunette — Lorena B — and her male companion is nowhere to be seen. The two women find a quiet spot to talk, to flirt, to plan. Numbers are exchanged. A bond — erotic and romantic — is forged. We don't know if Tess and Lorena are strangers, never having met before, or if they are reunited friends, perhaps lovers, catching up for lost time. And this bit of mystery only serves to add an extra element of interest and intrigue to Don Caravaggio's latest creation for SexArt, "Be Mine." When the lovers meet again the mood is romantic and the atmosphere is highly charged. Their sexual union is eagerly anticipated and irresistibly inevitable. This is an exceedingly romantic interlude, but it is intense, edgy, and overwhelmingly beautiful. Women in love. Women in lust. Experience them for yourself in "Be Mine."

Duration: 00:19:54
File Size: 729 MB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 19-06-2013- 21:57

915 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: Two lovers awake one bright morning. Miela A rises and retreats to the bathroom. Mia Knox remains snuggled under the duvet. But she's not ready to go back to sleep, she's in the mood for some self-made erotic pleasure. As her fingers go to work inside her frilly white panties her excitement rapidly grows. And that's when Miela A returns to the bedroom unexpectedly. There is an awkward moment, but it is only fleeting. Miela soon joins Mia on the bed and assumes the role of eager aggressor. Already primed by her own masturbatory episode, Mia is quickly elevated to an orgasmic state by Miela's ravenous and insatiable mouth. But this is hardly a one-way street. Mia has her chance to dine on her lover's aroused delicacies, as well. And the twosome also indulge in synchronized sapphism during a heated bout of soixante-neuf. If your dreams are filled with fantasies of uninhibited lesbianism, "Dream About You" will be a dream come true.

Duration: 00:14:53
File Size: 546 MB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 20-06-2013- 11:20

916 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: With a lively flamenco soundtrack signaling that producer Ariel Piper Fawn and director Andrej Lupin's latest release was shot during their recent sojourn to the Spanish island of Lanzarote, "Apple Pie" unfolds in a cozy kitchen. Sylvie Deluxe and Whitney Conroy both work intently on their task: baking up a sweet apple treat. But once the dish is in the oven they turn their attentions to each other. The attraction here is obviously mutual, but it's Sylvie who makes the most dramatic initial advance and quickly rids Whitney of her shorts and panties. And it's only after treating her girlfriend to a series of moaning climaxes that Sylvie strips down and lets Whitney indulge her own appetite for tender female flesh. Transported by passion and overwhelming erotic attraction, the torrid twosome get lost in the moment and nearly forget the pastry they've been baking. Hot, sweet, and highly enjoyable, "Apple Pie" is a feast for the senses.

Duration: 00:19:01
File Size: 698 MB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 20-06-2013- 22:35

917 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: It's a fantasy with universal appeal for those with even a passing interest in nude photography: What really happens when an artist spends hours at a time shooting a beautiful, totally nude, young woman? Andrej Lupin's "In the Moment of Inspiration" injects additional fire into the fantasy by casting supermodel Caprice A (a Top Model at SexArt as well as MetArt, with over 40 pictorials and films in her portfolio) as the photographer, and rising SexArt star Whitney Conroy as her subject. The setting is a studio. Conroy, completely nude throughout, is a high style wood nymph standing on a carpet of leaves. At first everything proceeds with high level of professionalism, but as Caprice coaches Whitney and gives her some hands-on assistance with posing the attraction between the pretty pair soon proves irresistible. At first it appears that Caprice is the aggressor, but it quickly becomes apparent that the lustful feelings are mutual and the twosome enjoy each other at length during a tryst that is by turns lovingly gentle and explosively orgasmic. "In the Moment of Inspiration" is picture perfect lesbian erotica.

Duration: 00:19:26
File Size: 1.39 GB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 21-06-2013- 08:40

918 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: After releasing their highly rated "Snow Fun" series, the producer/director team of Ariel Piper Fawn and Andrej Lupin felt the need for a complete change of scene. They packed up a cast a crew and headed to Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands — "Spanish Lesson" is the second film to be released from that exotic excursion. Erotic supermodel Lorena B — she's appeared in over 50 galleries — is teamed here with Sylvie Deluxe. The premise is delightfully, deliciously simple: Lorena, a native Spanish speaker, is giving her Czech costar a language lesson. Once they've covered the basics they move to instruction of a far more intimate nature. The dance of love and the artful interaction of student and teacher unfolds in a slightly unpredictable fashion. While it is Lorena B who makes the first suggestive moves, it's Sylvie Deluxe who ventures below the belt and treats her pantieless instructor to orgasmic pleasures. Not to be outclassed by her pupil, Lorena then shows her eager student how it's done, and the heated interlude is rewarding and instructive for both participants. "Spanish Lesson" speaks the universal language...lust!

Duration: 00:22:39
File Size: 832 MB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 21-06-2013- 20:54

919 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: Two dark haired beauties enter a kitchen carrying bags of groceries and begin to prepare a meal in Alis Locanta's latest creation for, "La Dolce Vita La Spesa." But a hunger of a much more interesting type appears to be on both their minds so meal preparation stops and lesbian love-play begins. The stars here are both making their debuts. Lyen is the taller of the two, with petite breasts, and a tattoo of an Egyptian ankh over her completely bald sex. Valentina Nappi is more curvaceous than her castmate, with full breasts, and a round, ripe ass. Here Lyen makes the first move. Easing off Valentina's purple lace panties she's delighted to discover a pussy that's already wet and glistening with anticipation. Eating and fingering her standing partner results in a powerful and vocal orgasm. With Lyen seated on a kitchen counter, her legs spread wide, Valentina then goes to work. She initially employs a rapid and insistent tongue treatment to Lyen's slit and clit, then she stands her partner up and diddles her to a delightful climax. "La Dolce Vita La Spesa" is a double-debut with beauty, style, and plenty of heat.

Duration: 00:19:01
File Size: 698 MB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 21-06-2013- 23:48

920 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: contributing director Don Caravaggio and his cinematographer, Jean Battis, employ a subtle, understated visual style in "Double Games." This approach is particularly effective and appropriate — the film's two stars, Caprice A and Grace C are both so exquisitely beautiful that no technical trickery or artistic embellishment is at all necessary. Likewise, narrative elements are minimal, at best. The film opens with a picturesque view of the sea. Two women stroll along, hand in hand, and exchange a playful kiss in this beautiful setting. The scene then changes — Grace C, totally nude, is napping on a sofa on a sheltered patio. Caprice A, also completely nude, picks up a still camera and stealthily takes several photos of the sleeping blonde beauty. When Grace C wakes up the "Double Games" begin. Caprice makes love to Grace tenderly. At first she uses her mouth and her fingers, but eventually she puts a purple probe to its intended use and brings her lover to one final climax. In the latter half of the production the tables are turned and Grace gives while Caprice happily receives orgasmic pleasures. Gorgeous girls in passionate and explicit action make "Double Games" a winner for the participants and the viewer, as well.

Duration: 00:12:22
File Size: 454 MB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 22-06-2013- 11:05

921 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: If you think a woman needs a man to get well and truly banged, think again — or better yet, consult "We Have a Better Plan," episode X of the "Snow Fun" series. Here director Andrej Lupin stays close to the tried and true "Snow Fun" formula. We join the group for a cheerful breakfast, then head outside for, in this case, some high energy fun with sleds and snow quads. But meanwhile, back in the cozy vacation cottage, the real action is about to begin. It all starts with a kiss, but when Terry Sullivan tears the seat out of Gabi de Castello's pants and begins hungrily eating her pussy from behind the intensity level skyrockets. The two beauties first take turns eating each other, then they strip completely and indulge in face-sitting and particularly vigorous finger-fucking. All this passionate activity has predictable results — numerous powerful orgasms — and leads to a sizzling bout of soixante-neuf. Add up all the elements and "Snow Fun X" may just be a perfect 10!

Duration: 00:21:39
File Size: 1.55 GB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 22-06-2013- 22:37

922 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: Striking blonde Grace C has figured prominently in the "Snow Fun" series. In episode III she retreated to the comfort and privacy of a bathroom where she indulged herself in a leisurely session of particularly eye-pleasing masturbation. In episode V she was teamed with Gabi de Castello for an enjoyable bout of loving lesbianism. As episode IX begins, the "Snow Fun" gang is relaxing after a day on the slopes with a few beers and other beverages. When her friends start in on a rowdy game of foosball Grace C sits apart — she's in no mood for such a frivolous activity. Carla Cox can't help but notice her sulking friend and whispers a suggestion in her ear. Without drawing any attention Carla exits the room. After a moment or two Grace C discretely follows. Alone in a quiet stairwell the twosome begin their clandestine tryst. After helping Grace C out of her pretty pink panties Carla devours her delicious girlfriend, sucking, licking, teasing, and fingering her to a series of increasingly intense orgasms. Turnabout is only fair, and Grace C rewards her impromptu partner with several orgasms of her own. When the girls return to the party nobody has even noticed they've been gone, making "Sneak Out" a success in more ways than one!

Duration: 00:18:42
File Size: 1.34 GB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 22-06-2013- 23:27

923 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: Andrej Lupin's "Pulse" marks Ariel Piper Fawn's forth appearance at. She's also a prolific and popular model at, where she's appeared in dozens of galleries. But no matter the venue or the medium, Ariel never fails to make a powerful impression. In "Pulse," teamed with busty blonde beauty Monika A, the crimson-haired heartbreaker heats up the screen like never before. As the soundtrack thumps propulsively, "Pulse" begins with a stylish view of a fashion show in progress. Two stunning models strut the catwalk and work the audience with skilled and knowing professionalism. But a rivalry is brewing. Push comes to shove and tempers flare. Backstage an argument escalates and the conflict threatens to boil over. But instead of throwing a punch Ariel unexpectedly plants a kiss, and what might have become a catfight becomes something just as physical, but far more pleasurable. As fevers build, fingers and mouths are replaced by a powerful vibrator which Ariel and Monika utilize in numerous eye-opening and orgasm-inducing ways. With its stunning beauty, sizzling Sapphic sexuality, high fashion, high art, and high style, "Pulse" is high octane erotica.

Duration: 00:23:45
File Size: 1.70 GB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


Katrin1988 23-06-2013- 10:09

926 - lesbian video

DESCRIPTION: Deep in the snow filled mountains of the Swiss Alps is a cabin that's been in my family for generations. I had flown out a few weeks prior to film Elle Alexandra and Jessie Andrews in Winter Solstice, when I decided to stay for an extra week. Jessie had to fly off to shoot a movie so I sent for a few friends, Kiera Winters and Aiden Ashley.

It started to snow pretty heavily that day, so we all went out for food and supplies in case we had to be inside for a few days. All except for Kiera who wanted to get warm in the living room. It's my guess that she just wanted to play. She was feeling a bit frisky all day. I kept looking over at her thinking she was going to rip off her clothes and go at someone, but she managed to behave, that is, until we all left. So half way there I decided to send Elle and Aiden back to check on her. This is what happened when we went out on Snow Day...

Duration: 00:24:10
File Size: 1.78 GB
File Type: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920х1080


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