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Title: Male Bitch to Suffer

Duration: 00:09:06
File size: 306 Mb
Format: wmv

Goddess Deanna believes that men were put on this earth to suffer for women. She drags a male bitch in by his balls and restraints him hands over head. Deanna lays into the slut's flesh with a single tail whip. She whips him savagely. There is no mercy for this slut. Deanna shoves the trembling bitch onto his knees and sits on his face. She smokes a cigarette as she deprives the bitch of oxygen and wonders what she will do with him next. The unlucky slut is then tied with his ankles over his head as Deanna picks up a cane. She delivers well over 100 cane strokes, laughing as the slut winces and moans. She runs her sharp
nails over the slut's wounds and spits on him. Then Deanna walks outside to pick out an appropriate place for her bitch to sleep. Deanna's boots get very dirty. Guess who is licking the mud off her boots? Deanna's terrified and trembling slave is made to lick her boots
clean as she drives her high heel into his mouth. Then she takes her battered slut outside and ties him to a tree. The bitch will not be allowed to sleep in doors.

Featured Model(s): Deanna Storm

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