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Charliee Paris - G78
Released: September 30, 2016

This week we're lucky enough to have ANOTHER European with us. This time we have a lovely French lady named Charliee Paris. I feel like we should have some subtitles or something for her, as her accent is very thick. Personally we find that sort of thing very hot. She seems to be quite slutty too. another very high mark for our Frenchie. We take her out for a pre-fuck interview, and (attempt) to get to know her better.. that accent. She's a naughty little thing, I guess they just make 'em a little dirtier across the pond. We get her to her pussy for us, and show us that ass on the walk out. Mitts quick to get to work in the backseat, and she's tastes as sweet as she looks. He eats her pussy, get's some road head, and when the bossman stops at the gas station, he gets a couple stabs in ahead of time. Oh Mitt.. Back at the station, she meets the rest of the Cocksmen, and we learn an interesting fact. Apparently, the national symbol of the French are roosters (cocks), similar to how here in the good ol' US of A, we celebrate the bald eagle. So our cockstool is like national pride for Miss Paris, and she does a smash up job of sucking those cocks. Then it's time for the main event. She's led to the station and placed on the bench. That's when it gets really dirty. She takes cock after cock, two facials, vibrator, 7 creampies. By the end she's a mess. It's a good thing Mr. Focker is here to get her all clean in the shower. Be on the look out for that behind the scenes update, the shower scene is some hot can't miss action. We definitely had a blast this week with Miss Charlie Paris


File Size: 364 MB
Video: mp4 , 720x400
Duration: 00:44:49
Categories: Creampie, Hardcore, Gangbang

Download Charliee Paris - G78.mp4 from (364.03 MB)
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