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Default BDS0013 Down the Rabbit Hole

Title: BDS0013 Down the Rabbit Hole

Cast: Aria Alexander

Sinopsis: Aria is still new to BDSM, but no that she has taken the first step she is drawn to it even more. She started this journey out of curiosity of the kinky things she fantasied about, but now she craves the pain. The domination is the only thing that can satisfy this slut's need to suffer. We put in her bondage and inflict pain that she's never felt before. We show her suffering like nothing she has ever had to endure, and she wants more. Her fascination has turned into an obsession that we are more than happy to feed.

Keys: bdsm, fetish, tortures, bondage, spanking, orgasm, domination

Video size:681Mb
Video duration:1:02:12
Video resolution:960x540
Video extension:mp4

BDS0013 Down the Rabbit Hole Part 1
BDS0013 Down the Rabbit Hole Part 2
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